Melanie Vazquez, '20 - Posted 12/13/2019 02:02PM
This week, Mel interviewed senior Emma Delattre. Also, vote for Emma as the Best Female Kart Racer in the World! Link is included.
Molly Clark, '23, Cece Purkiss, '23, Leela Choudhury, '23 & Tessa Higgins, '23 - Posted 12/13/2019 02:02PM
This week, the girls asked people about their favorite Christmas traditions.
Cara Costigan, '23 & Zach Felton, '22 - Posted 12/13/2019 02:01PM
This week, Cara and Zach ask: which boys basketball captain are you -- Colin, Max Mo-T, Charlie, or Sean?
Lily Newman, '21 - Posted 12/13/2019 02:01PM
Lily examines whether or not the age of a candidate is a major factor when electing a president.
Joey Everett, '22 - Posted 12/13/2019 02:01PM
Find out who was winking last week, and guess whose wink it is this time!
Karly Stein, '21 & Julia Monti, '21 - Posted 12/13/2019 02:00PM
Why is everyone congratulating Ms. Taraz? Find out in this video!
Katelyn Fox, '23, Hannah Breen, '23 & Katherine Breen, '23 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:59PM
Over Thanksgiving Break, several Wooster students traveled to the Dominican Republic with Mr. Evans and Full Court Peace. Katelyn and Hannah share a vlog and photos from the trip.
Kieran Greeley, '22 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:58PM
Kieran is launching a series to explain why he thinks chocolate milk should make a comeback.
Sarah Savitz, '23 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:54PM
If you haven't noticed, Wooster's campus looks pretty beautiful in the snow. Sarah captured some amazing photos this past week.
Sam Goldblat, '22 & Max Porter, '22 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:54PM
Sam and Max are bringing back the WiNK Playlist, and giving us their favorite holidays songs.
Ben Everett, '20 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:53PM
Ben tells us about the first two games of the boys basketball season, and reminds us to Pack the Gym this afternoon!
Presley Damiano, '23, Katherine Breen, '23, Sophia Cilento, '23, & Dash Knuff, '23 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:53PM
Do you want to build a snowman... in 10 seconds? This video crew challenged students to do just that.
Trip Dulecki, '22 & Marcus Dupree, '22 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:53PM
Before you Pack the Rink tonight (Danbury Ice Arena, 8:10pm), Trip and Marcus give you some clips from the team's recent practices.
Charlotte Kaczmarek, '21 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:52PM
At just 16, environmental activist Greta Thunberg is the youngest person ever to be named Time Magazine's "Person of the Year." Charlotte tells us more.
Alice Purkiss, '21 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:52PM
In her new WiNK series, in which she adds her own favorites to the 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die list, Alice makes the argument for the book War Horse.
Khamya Christodonte, '21 & Katie Washer, '21 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:52PM
For their update this week, the girls tell us about Wednesday's game, and what to expect next week. And they remind us to Pack the Gym today!
Hughes Andreson, '23 & Jonah Wald, '23 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:47PM
Jonah and Hughes found out about the movie-watching and movie-going habits and preferences of Wooster students.
Sage Siegel, '21 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:47PM
Sage updates us on the Catwalk for a Cure Coin Wars!
Cole E. Breen, '22 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:46PM
The 2020 Presidential Election is less than one year away. Cole is spotlighting some of the candidates. This week, he tells us about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.
Colin Fortson, '22 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:45PM
Colin explains some of the causes of stress, and gives gives some ideas on how to calm your nerves during a stressful time.
Charlotte Kaczmarek, '21 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:45PM
Charlotte tells us about the anti-doping scandal that has banned Russia from competing in the 2020 and 2022 Olympics.
Charlie Levy, '22 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:44PM
This week, Charlie tells us about Gerrit Cole's new record-breaking deal with the Yankees.
Alex Ancona, '22 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:43PM
Alex provides weekly updates on the upcoming winter musical, The Secret Garden. This week, she tells us how rehearsals are going so far.
Luc Parr, '23; Max Rainville, '23; Elise Newman, '23; & Sloane Fleming, '23 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:38PM
Tis the season for... pie. This video crew asked students what their favorite pie is.
Vlad Schwindeman-Romano, '22 - Posted 12/13/2019 01:34PM
Vlad tells us about the danger and devastation of the Australian wildfires.

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