Matt Hoekenga, '23, & Ava Honeycutt, '24 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:37PM
Humanities in the Gym? Journalism in the Chapel? Matt and Ava show us how Wooster changed spaces and classrooms to allow for social distancing.
Jillian Schnaudigel, '21 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:36PM
Jillian introduces us to Wooster's new Equity & Justice Center, and shares their exciting plans for the upcoming year.
Lily Newman, '21 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:36PM
Every Wooster school year officially kicks off with Convocation. While it looked a bit different this morning, it was still an important celebration for the Class of 2021.
Cece Purkiss, '23, Katherine Breen, '23, & Sloane Fleming, '23 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:36PM
In keeping their tradition of "Whose...?" videos, this time they ask the very timely question: "Whose Mask?"
Amelia Vail, '24, & Grace Young, '24 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:35PM
Amelia and Grace introduce us to one of our new Wooster teachers, Math teacher Olivia Shea.
Cara Costigan, '23, & Sean Garvey, '22 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:34PM
Cara is back with quizzes, and now Sean is joining her! This week, find out which of our US Spanish teachers (Ms. Flores, Ms. Hooper, Ms. O'Reilly, Mr. Pereira) you are most like.
Isabel Allo, '22 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:34PM
Isabel reflects on what this past summer, the summer of COVID-19, was like for her and others.
Darby Drahzal, '21, & Presley Damiano, '23 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:34PM
Fall sports at Wooster look a little bit different this year -- Darby and Presley take us behind the scenes at girls soccer practice to show us how they're making the most of it.
Vladimir Schwindeman-Romano, '22 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:33PM
This year's cross country team has 32 members. Vlad explains how they have adjusted to the new changes and challenges.
Kate & Hannah Breen, '23 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:33PM
Kate and Hannah asked people about the highlights from their summer.
Cole Breen, '22 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:30PM
As we get closer to the Vice Presidential Debate, Cole is going to profile both VP candidates. This week, he starts with Joe Biden's running mate Kamala Harris.
Lily Newman, '21 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:30PM
The wildfires in California and Oregon are devastating. Lily tells us more about the destruction and shares a personal perspective on the conditions.
Kieran Greeley, '22, & Lorenzo Rossi, '23 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:29PM
In a post-season like no other, the stage is set for the Stanley Cup Final.
Charlotte Kaczmarek, '21 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:29PM
As the wildfires burn, you might be surprised to hear about the Conservation Camp Program and some new changes made to it. Charlotte shares this interesting story with us.
Marcus Dupree, '22 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:29PM
The 2020 NFL season kicked off last week, and Marcus tells us what changes the league has made during the pandemic.
Ioanna Aspras, '23 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:28PM
The English Premier League started its season this past weekend. Ioanna fills us in on some of the changes the league has made in the off-season.
Colin Fortson, '22 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:27PM
Colin spent his summer working as a cashier at a local grocery store. Here, he gives us all some insight into how to treat our grocery store workers with respect.
Alice Purkiss, '21 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:27PM
After her series last year on 1,000 Books to Read and movies/shows to watch, Alice starts a new one this year - this time focusing on poems everyone should read.
Cass Washington, '22 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:27PM
Cass tells us about MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and how it came into existence.
Sophia Cilento, '23 - Posted 09/18/2020 01:26PM
In a new WiNK series, Sophia takes a Snapple Real Fact each week and checks the validity of it. This week -- Real Fact #828: Every hour more than one billion cells in the body must be replaced.
Max Porter, '22 - Posted 09/11/2020 03:22PM
After being closed to students since March 9, Wooster's campus reopened this week! Max takes us through what these past several months have looked like, and what our "new normal" is as we begin a school year unlike any other.
Khamya Christodonte, '21 - Posted 09/11/2020 03:21PM
Khamya's video shows how some members of the Class of 2021 decided not to let the circumstances take away their spirit on the first day of senior year.
Sage Siegel, '21 & Charlotte Kaczmarek, '21 - Posted 09/11/2020 03:21PM
We have so many new families at Wooster this year who are receiving this email and probably wondering... what is WiNK? This brief overview and history of our student publication originally ran on Sept. 13, 2019, and we thought it was worth rerunning it today for our new families.
Matt Hoekenga, '23, & Sloane Fleming, '23 - Posted 09/11/2020 03:21PM
We're back and excited to be on campus! Sloane and Matt interviewed some Wooster Generals to find out what they're most looking forward to this year.
Matt Hoekenga, '23, & Kate Breen, '23 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:56PM
It's been an important trimester for WiNK, and in their final video of the school year, Matt and Kate turned the tables and interviewed staff members about their experiences, especially during this last trimester of distance learning.

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