Sarah Lucic - Posted 04/09/2021 12:55PM
Ms. Lucic shares her own personal story of her friendship with Mr. Glaeser, and shares more about his life and interests outside of school.
Jillian Schnaudigel, '21 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:54PM
Jillian gives us pointers on coping with grief and other emotions.
Max Porter, '22 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:53PM
This week, Max discusses the newly-passed and controversial Georgia voting laws and examines both sides of the debate, and he conducts his biggest interview yet: Connecticut State State Senator Will Haskell and legislative advocate and Wooster parent Tara Cook-Littman.
Ava Honeycutt, '24; Zoe Hurtwitz, '24; Taylor Finney, '24; & Morgan Boxer, '24 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:53PM
The quizzes have new owners -- Ava, Zoe, Taylor and Morgan have taken them over! This week, find which one of them you are most like.
Darby Drahzal, '21; Bailey Fleming, '21; & Savanna Sikorski, '21 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:52PM
This time in their WiNK series: 'One Bite (One Sip), Everyone Knows the Rules,' Bailey, Sav and Darby enter into the chicken sandwich wars.
Lulu Carone, '22 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:52PM
This week, Lulu taught Athletic Trainer Mr. Hutchins a popular TikTok dance.
Olivia Peck, '24, & Maya Wood, '24 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:51PM
Now that so many students are starting to get vaccinated, Maya and Olivia tells us more about it, and about some of the myths surrounding the vaccine.
Molly Clark, '23 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:50PM
Games are underway! Girls lacrosse and boys tennis start off the spring season with games this afternoon, and the boys lacrosse team plays tomorrow. Molly interviewed members of the girls lax team and got their thoughts and predictions on the upcoming game.
Clarkson Liang, '21 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:50PM
Clarkson is still in China, and while he wishes he could be here on campus with everyone, one bright side to being at home is getting to drive his family's new Tesla Model 3. He gives us a full review.
David Beylouni, '23 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:49PM
Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz has been one of the biggest names in the news this week, after allegations surfaced of an inappropriate relationship with an underage woman. David tells us more.
Evie Zahner, '22 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:49PM
We've all been to Dunkin' many times, but not many people know what it's like to actually work there. Evie tells us about her experience, and how people take their coffee very seriously.
Isabel Allo, '22 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:48PM
Isabel is kicking off a three-part series on movies that will make you cry, in a good way. This week, she tells us about Penguin Bloom.
Shane Taubin, '22 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:47PM
As he enters the college process himself, Shane interviewed more students regarding their thoughts on college and what interests them about certain schools.
Ioanna Aspras, '23 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:46PM
All year, WiNK Premier League fan and writer Ioanna has profiled a different team in the league. This is her 20th and final team!: Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Tiffany Amoah, '23 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:46PM
In a three part series, Tiffany will be sharing her favorite dishes from Ghana. Next up: Jollof Rice.
Vladimir Schwindeman-Romano, '22 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:46PM
Spring is a very important time on the farm. Vlad explains the complicated process of getting his farm prepped and ready.
Sophia Cilento, '23 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:45PM
Sophia breaks down this week's Real Snapple Fact #36: A ducks quack doesn't echo.
Grayce Amos, '23 - Posted 04/09/2021 12:45PM
Flavored waters are quite a trend right now - you can find them anywhere. Grayce gives us some pointers, though, on how to be sure our flavoring is healthy and not just adding sugar and sweeteners to our water.
Cece Purkiss, '23, & Sloane Fleming, '23 - Posted 04/01/2021 02:44PM
Spring sports are officially underway! With the most games scheduled for any season this year, athletes are looking forward to a competitive season. Cece and Sloane tell us more.
Molly Clark, '23 - Posted 04/01/2021 02:44PM
Since many students and teachers traveled over spring break, Molly checked in to see what they noticed about Covid restrictions and rules in other parts of the country.
Lily Newman, '21 - Posted 04/01/2021 02:43PM
To wrap up Women's History Month, Lily recognizes 10 more women who have made a big impact on women's rights.
Cole Breen, '22 - Posted 04/01/2021 02:43PM
Should Washington, D.C. become the 51st state? It's a real possibility, with the House Committee voting on a bill to give D.C. statehood on April 14. Cole tells us more.
Alice Purkiss, '21 - Posted 04/01/2021 02:43PM
One year ago, we were back from Spring Break by working virtually, where we would remain for the rest of the school year. Alice reflects back on that time, and on the experience of the pandemic.
Amelia Vail, '24 - Posted 04/01/2021 02:42PM
For her latest alumni interview, Amelia was able to check in with Jiani (Ingrid) Li, '19, now a student at Smith College, about what she's doing now, Covid, and advice for students.
Miller Spencer, '21, & PJ Tate, '21 - Posted 04/01/2021 02:42PM
Even though it's looked a bit different this year, March Madness hasn't missed any of the usual excitement. Miller and PJ recap some of the big moments, and give us their predictions of who will win it all.

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