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Ioanna Aspras, '23 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:33PM
Harry Styles just ended his wildly popular 15-show run at Madison Square Garden. If you didn't go, chances are you know someone who did. Ioanna went last weekend, but also checked in with other Wooster classmates, teachers, and alumni who were there and share their stories and photos with WiNK.
Ja'Miyah Claxton, '25; & Tina Zhang, '24 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:32PM
Rehearsals are underway for the Fall Play: Clue! Ja'Miyah and Tina interviewed Tech Director Mr. Henderson, as well as a few cast members about their newly-cast roles.
Michael Guillcatanda, 25 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:24PM
Wooster has a new athletic trainer for the first time in 22 years. Michael introduces us to Marley Asselta, aka Ms. Marley, who has taken over this important role.
Anica Diaz, '24 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:24PM
Anica tells us about BeReal, the app that seems to be taking over social media, and asks: is it cool app? A fun new trend? Or something more sinister or damaging?
Alexandra Kriegel, '25 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:24PM
Each week, Alexandra will introduce us to a new Wooster teacher. First up: Math teacher Baylor Nelson.
Elliot Rosen, '25 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:24PM
Elliot tells us how members of Wooster's faculty and staff did this week in their fantasy football league.
Elise Newman, '23 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:23PM
Elise is interviewing seniors throughout the course of the school year to check in on how they are doing during the different stages of senior year. She continues this week by checking in with Selah Hess.
Evan Bourgeault, '23 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:23PM
Evan is checking in with some of Wooster's recent grads to share updates with WiNK. This week, he tells us about William Russell, '21, a sophomore at Purdue University.
Jack Zahner, 24; & Zayden Williams, '24 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:23PM
Jack and Zayden are highlighting athletes that have made a big impact on their team in the past week, naming them WiNK Athletes of the Week. This week, Hanna Vail (cross country) and Ryan Vincent (soccer) are featured.
Cece Purkiss, '23; Sloane Fleming, '23; Molly Clark, '23; Elise Newman, '23; & Presley Damiano, '23 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:22PM
Cece, Sloane, Elise, Presley and Molly - all seniors on the GVS team - vlogged that last week of games to share with WiNK.
Chris Lopes, '23, & Max Rainville, '23 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:21PM
Chris and Max are recapping the Champions League for WiNK. This week, they tell us about the important match-ups that happened on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Cece Purkiss, '23 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:21PM
Senior Annie DeRosaire and her parents flew to England last week to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Sept. 8. Cece interviewed Annie about her experience.
Gus Aspillaga, '25 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:21PM
Gus is recapping each week in the NFL season. He starts off with Week 2, which included some crazy games.
Brayan Tenesaca, '25 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:21PM
Brayan, a WiNK member who is also on the boys varsity soccer team, updates us on how the team did this week.
Owen Michalowski, '25 - Posted 09/23/2022 01:20PM
As Fortnite Chapter 3 Season Three 4 has just been released, Owen shares his thought and analysis on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season Three 3.
Luc Parr, '23 - Posted 09/16/2022 02:12PM
Welcome to a new year of WiNK! If you're reading this and wondering -- "what is WiNK, and why am I getting this email?" -- don't worry, Luc is here to explain what WiNK is.
Charlotte Purkiss, '25 - Posted 09/16/2022 02:10PM
Wooster opened another new school year on Tuesday, Sept. 6, and kicked off the week with some special events and traditions (and a lot of rain). Charlotte tells us more.
Elliot Rosen, '25 - Posted 09/16/2022 02:10PM
Members of Wooster's faculty and staff created a fantasy football league this season, which kicked off this past weekend. Elliot will be following the league and giving us updates each week. Here, he introduces the league and shares the results of Week 1.
Katherine Breen, '23 - Posted 09/16/2022 02:10PM
Our Communications Prefect and WiNK writer Katherine Breen shares a behind-the-scenes look at last week's Wooster Olympics.
Ava Honeycutt, '24 - Posted 09/16/2022 02:09PM
Ava is introducing us to this year's Prefects. First up: Senior Prefects Cara Costigan and Henry Rexford.
Anica Diaz, '24 - Posted 09/16/2022 02:09PM
Oscar Fischer, Wooster's new STEM teaching fellow, is also the first faculty member to be born in the 2000's. Anica interviewed Mr. Fischer, about being the first "aught" to teach here and about his new role on campus.
Sophia Cilento, '23 - Posted 09/16/2022 02:09PM
Over the summer, music teachers Mr. Newbury and Mr. Johnston worked with members of Wooster's Advancement and Maintenance teams to turn the Music Building into a digital recording studio. Sophia found out more about this exciting new addition to Wooster.
Evan Bourgeault, '23 - Posted 09/16/2022 02:08PM
Evan is checking in with some of Wooster's recent grads to share updates with WiNK. This week, he tells us about Lindsey Jarrett, '21, a sophomore at Savannah College of Art and Design.
Jack Zahner, 24; & Zayden Williams, '24 - Posted 09/16/2022 02:08PM
Jack and Zayden are highlighting athletes that have made a big impact on their team in the past week, naming them WiNK Athletes of the Week. This week, Colin (cross country) and Presley (girls soccer) are featured.
Teddy Porter, '25; & Brayan Tenesaca, '25 - Posted 09/16/2022 02:07PM
Teddy and Brayan, WiNK members who are also on the boys varsity soccer team, will share regular updates on how the team is doing. This week, hear how their first few games of the season went.

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