Beauty Industry Trends for 2022
Posted 01/21/2022 02:17PM

If you have been scrolling through your "for you" page recently you might have noticed people doing predictions for 2022. These predictions can be anywhere from which fast food chain will have their next scandal to what celebrity couples will make it past the new year. So, what does this mean for the makeup world? What brands will go viral? What products will be the next to sell out? What trends are here to stay, and what ones will go?

Then comes me. I will give my best predictions of what will happen for the beauty industry over the next eleven and a half months.

  1. Monochromatic looks are here to stay. More brands will come out with eyeshadow quads for those one color looks. Some brands might possibly come out with a color collection. A color for eyeshadow, a color for blush, and a color for the lip.
  2. One single eyeshadow color all over the lid with possibly some eye decals. The reason I am saying this is because some makeup artists for popular TV shows are doing this. Ways on how to recreate those looks are being shown on Tiktok and are going viral, and consumers are eating it up. The other night I saw an artist recreate a look, and she happened to have her own small business for the rhinestones she used. A makeup artist from a popular series also used her product, and when I looked it up they were all sold out.
  3. "Bare" skin looks and minimalist makeup looks will stick around. The beauty community is already seeing more skin tints, BB creams, serum foundation and concealer products. I think this will change the beauty standards for people not being able to show their skin with acne and blemishes on it. I think we will even see more celebrities do this and even wear it on the red carpet. I also think more brands, at a drugstore price point, will try to come out with minimalistic makeup products. Since the rise of face masks, more people are taking less focus on full coverage glam, and more on products that feel weightless and give a natural look. Many beauty consumers will see a minimal coverage product reviewed on social media apps like TikTok and sell it out instantly. The beauty community saw this happen with the Clinique 'Almost Lipstick' in the shade Black Honey, which has been hard to purchase since it went viral. I personally believe this trend of more tinted lipstick and balms, skin tints, more focus on the brows will continue to carry over into the new year. This beauty trend has been also referred to as the "clean" makeup look.
  4. More celebrity beauty brands will launch. Selena Gomez came out with Rare beauty in September 2020 and Rihanna came out with Fenty Beauty in September 2017. Both brands have experienced extreme success. What is unique about these brands is that we are actually seeing Selena and Rihanna use their brands which haven't been seen as much in other celebrity beauty brands. More celebrities will try to come out with beauty brands but I think they won't be nearly as successful as Rare and Fenty Beauty.
  5. Olivia Rodrigo X Glossier collaboration will happen. In Olivia's vogue makeup and skin care routine video she mentioned how much she loves Glossier. Some makeup artists have even used some of their products on her for the runway. I think she will come out with a full on collaboration (possibly featuring Olivia's favorites).
  6. More hair care product brands will try to come out with devices like the Dyson Airwrap. The Dyson Airwrap is a hair tool that has multiple attachments to help you achieve a desired look. This product is also supposed to minimize the amount of heat damage that may occur to the hair.
  7. Talking about Dyson hair care, I predict that they will come out with a haircare line. It's been awhile since Dyson has released a brand new hair care tool, based on what they have already come out with I think shampoo, conditioner , and possibly a leave-in product will be next.
  8. More brands will attempt to come out with cream/liquid bronzer and blush products. Charlotte Tilbury is one of the brands that has been famously popular for their contour and blush wands. Consumers have also asked the brand to amp up their production, since the products are almost always sold out. A personal favorite cream bronzer of mine is the limited edition NARS Laguna Sunkissed Bronzing Cream.
  9. More people will try to learn how to do their nails at home. With the advances in press-on nails, they are starting to look just as good as a gel manicure would and cost much less. I myself started to use a press on nails, the brand I've been using is by Olive&June. This kit is perfect for beginners as it comes with instructions, a mini nail file, and some nail glue. The great part is that they have many cute designs and multiple lengths which makes it so a person can tailor it to their personal taste.
  10. Less people will wear a full strip lash. I am predicting this because lash brands are coming with DIY eyelash extension kits for at home. These kits are becoming more and more popular and becoming much more user friendly. Especially as a full strip lash can be extremely irritating for the eye, and individual lashes can be much more comfortable.

Therefore, these are ten of my predictions for what's to happen in terms of types, products and trends that I think might occur in the beauty world during 2022.

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