Ranking Spider-Man Movie Villains
Posted 01/21/2022 02:21PM

Ranking Spider-Man movie villains

By: Colin Fortson

Spider-Man No Way Home came out about a month ago and it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I love how Marvel got all the classic Spider-man villains in this movie. But which one is the best? (In my opinion) I will be looking at the Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire movies to rank these iconic foes. I would do Andrew Garfield villains but they were terrible villains in their movies - in my opinion - so they are not worth my time. The rules are going to be: ranking the villains' motives and acts of evil in the movies. Also, Harry Osborn will not be on this list because his time as the hobgoblin was too short in his appearances in the films. (Spoiler Alert)

6. Venom from Spider-Man 3

Spider-man 3 was a movie that had too much going on but also so little at the same time. Venom was really never prominent in the movie until the last 45 minutes of the movie. I will give credit to Venom however for making one of the greatest scenes from any Superhero movie, Evil Peter dancing

( XsBN wHY ). Other than that, Venom really did not feel like a threat after Peter got rid of him and jumped on to Eddie Brock. Venom's only act of villainy that I can remember is him kidnapping Mary Jane but even then most of the Spider-man villains have done that too. Venom's motive was non-existing because he basically is just an angry alien.

5. Vulture from Spider-Man Homecoming

Micheal Keaton's performance as Adrian Toomes/ the Vulture was excellent. His intensity and emotion as the character was very good. You could really feel his struggles as a father trying to make a living and giving his family love and attention. The way he is doing this is making very dangerous weapons and selling them. Even though his motives are really good, his acts of evil are very limited. You can argue that the vulture attacked the Washington monument and destroyed a cruise ship but that was more Spider-Man's fault for not understanding that with "Great power comes great responsibility." The only act of evil that I can confidently say he did was trying to kill Spider-Man but even then he spared Peter Parker and respected him and only tried to kill him after Spider-man threw a wrench in his plans.

4. Sand-Man from Spider-man 3

Sand-Man was kind of like the vulture in terms of motives, how he is a loving dad, but gets money in very wrong ways. Another thing he does that really gives emotion to his character is that he is really motivated to see his critically ill daughter, so motivated that he escapes prison and tries to get money to treat his daughter's condition. His acts of villiany include kidnapping MJ, robbing banks, and murdering Uncle Ben. I know his partner in crime actually killed him, but he was the getaway driver. Another thing about Sand-Man I really like is how he felt bad for the murder of Uncle Ben and apologized to Peter after Peter tried to kill him twice.

3. Mysterio from Spider-Man Far From Home

Quinten Beck was a Stark Industry employee. But enraged by Tony Stark disregarding and insulting his life work of holographic technology, he quit his job and teamed up with ex Stark Employees to make a fake Superhero alter ego, Mysterio, with drone illusion and tech. With his tech, he created a fake monster called the Elementals to attack world landmarks. Helping him fight these villains in Spider-man. When enough trust was built Mysterio successfully tricked Peter into giving him E.D.I.T.H. glasses which held access to more powerful Stark tech drones. Mysterio's motives were he wanted to become an Avenger with a smoke and mirror act but due to anger and him being slightly unstable he ended up dying but not before framing Spider-man for his death. His act of villainy would include mass genocide and destroying a couple of cities.

2. Dr. Otto Octavius or Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2

Doc Ock is a great villain throughout the movie. Being a good guy turned evil due to his robot arms corrupting his brain because of a freak accident that SpiderMan stopped, while Doc Ock was trying to have the "power of the sun in the palm of my hands." Throughout the movie Doc Ock now seeks revenge on Spiderman for wrecking his machine and killing his wife. And this all goes into an epic battle in a boat by the Hudson River where Doc Ock rebuilt his machine and kidnapped Mary Jane. While fighting Doc Ock gets the upper hand by choking Peter with his robot arms. Peter says to him, "You once spoke to me about intelligence... you said it was a gift to be used for the greater good." This got Doc Ock to snap back to his nice side and drown out the machine he built again because it was a threat to the whole city. (If you want to watch the scene here's the link: ) His acts of villainy include destroying a train, robbing banks and dropping Aunt May from a building and saying "ButterFingers". I think Alfred Molina playing Doc Ock was excellent but there was one villain I thought was better than Doc Ock.

  1. Green Goblin or Norman Osborn from Spider-Man 1

Green Goblin is such a great villain fueled by rage towards the people that did him wrong. He is ruthless and brutal throughout the movie. This happened because Norman Osborn with the threat of his company losing funding and shutting down quickly makes the goblin serum and injects himself with it. Without it being tested first, it makes Norman severely unstable and much more aggressive, turning him into Green Goblin. I like how there are some scenes in the movie where Norman in fear starts to talk to his Green Goblin side. His motive is just to kill and destroy. Even though Green Goblin motives are simple it gives a lot more traditional and action packed villain. The final fight is somewhat of a masterpiece with the witty quips that Green Goblin says just making the scene really entertaining to watch. (Here is the link to this scenes here: His acts of villain include mass genocide and blowing up lots of building with Pumpkin bombs. I think this villain could have been a lot different if Willem Dafoe did not play Green Goblin in the movie.

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