Sara's COVID Story
Posted 01/21/2022 02:20PM

Last week Sara Rieger tested positive for covid, and shared a little about her experience with the virus that has had such a substantial effect on the world for the past few years. Here's what Sara had to say about her experience.

When did you test positive and what was your testing experience?

I took an at home covid test on Sunday night and it was negative, but I had a lot of symptoms so I didn't really trust it. I went for a PCR on Monday and it came back positive, so thank gosh I did as I almost went to school on Monday due to the negative test.

When did you first show symptoms and what were they?

On Saturday night I was at a soccer tournament at the Danbury dome. During the first game, my stomach started to hurt and I felt a little dizzy but I didn't think much of it as it was hot in the dome and already hard to breathe. I played 4 games, and each game my symptoms got worse. I got a sore throat, headache, cough, and I felt really tired and had a hard time breathing. After the tournament, on the way home I actually told my dad that I thought I had covid but was not really all that serious when I said it, but I stayed in my room and quarantined to be safe until I could test.

When were your symptoms the worst and what were they?

During the whole week, I had a pretty bad sore throat and cough. I had a headache, stomach ache, and I couldn't breathe as I have asthma. I was also very congested. I tested positive on Monday, but Tuesday was definitely the worst for me. I had the worst sore throat I have ever had and I had a 103.5 fever. Covid was the sickest I have ever been.

What kept you entertained during your quarantine? Did you try any new shows or games?

Since I didn't feel well, I slept a lot, although I did watch a lot of netflix, specifically Criminal Minds and TVD... but I also read and did school work.

Did anyone else in your family test positive? If not, what did your family do to stay safe?

I was actually the only one in my family who got covid, which was pretty surprising as I was near them Friday and Saturday, as I was exposed on Thursday as I was at home Friday. I isolated myself in my room and wore a KN95 mask if I needed to come out of my room. My parents were able to bring me food and other things using a KN95 as well and tried to stay away.

What were your favorite foods to eat while sick?

I had a lot of sandwiches and gatorade although plain pasta was a good choice as I did not really have an appetite. I drank a lot of water in gatorade as I could not afford to be dehydrated as I was already sick.

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