Wooster Welcomes New Teaching Fellow: Mr. Fischer
Posted 09/16/2022 02:09PM

Wooster Welcomes New Teaching Fellow: Mr. Fischer

by: Anica Diaz

Among all of the new Wooster faculty and staff this year, only one holds the illustrious title of being the first Wooster teacher born in the 2000s! Mr. Fischer, a quadruple-threat as fall tennis coach, STEM teacher, 8th-grade advisor, and Math Lab occupant, has joined Wooster's ranks this year after graduating from Skidmore College in New York with his bachelor's degree in Biochemistry. This week at WiNK, we decided to interview Mr. Fischer about his experience at Wooster so far.

What's it like being the youngest teacher and is it strange being the only teacher born in the 2000s?

It's definitely got its pros and cons. I like being close in age to a lot of students because I feel like I can identify with them in some regards and understand what they're going through, having just been a student myself. It's also a little awkward at times, like when a student sees me in the hallway and calls me "bro" or "homie" because they don't know I'm a teacher. (Or they're caught off guard that I'm a teacher, at least.) One person asked me if I was older than 16, so overall it's been funny.

What drew you to Wooster?

I wanted to be at an independent school for my first teaching job because it gave me a lot of flexibility to do a lot of different things, and the new position called the teacher fellow position allowed me to teach a couple of classes while also pursuing my master's degree at Mount Holyoke College. It also lets me involve myself with coaching, the arts, and advising in a lot of different areas. I thought it would be the best way to really acclimate myself to a new school and get involved in various aspects of the community.

How are you settling in?

It's all going well. It's been a very welcoming community, everyone's been very friendly. I have a lot of new friends who are teachers and have connected with a lot of different students as well, so that's been really nice. And again, I think it's great how I can connect with a lot of different ages, like with the middle schoolers in advisory and with upper schoolers in classes and after-school activities. It's been a very warm and welcoming community that I'm very excited to be a part of.

Do you have any goals for the rest of the school year and the future?

I'd say one of my goals would be to establish a more serious ultimate frisbee program. I think a lot of people really enjoyed playing last year and I'm excited to coach. I'd like to get more involved with the music department as well. I've been playing the saxophone for 12 years, and at some point, I'll definitely try to perform at some chapel services. I hope to finish my master's degree in teaching at the end of next year also.

What is your opinion on Taylor Swift's 22?

Man, I'm a casual Taylor Swift fan. I don't have strong opinions on 22, but my favorite Taylor Swift song is Delicate.

A big thanks to Mr. Fischer for being so open about his experience at Wooster so far! Be sure to say hello if you see him around!

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