Faculty Fantasy Football League: Week 1
Posted 09/16/2022 02:10PM

Wooster Faculty Staff Fantasy Football League

by: Elliot Rosen


What an excellent Week 1 for football. For some people, it was a nice time to watch their favorite team play some ball. But for teams in the WFSFFL (Wooster Faculty Staff Fantasy Football League), which is making its debut this year, it was stressful. This article will show you everything that happened in week one of this fantasy league including close losses, and outstanding performances. This is the WFSFFL!

Who is in the league?

Division: East

Ms. Thaler - The Stanley Kupp

Mr. Lingenheld - WIN Time

Mr. DeRienzo - The Tuck Rule Fool

Mr. Newbury - Executive Fumbling

Ms. Lingenheld - NY State of Mind

Mr. Fischer - Austin 3:16

Division: West

Mr. Swallen - Antonio's Exit Plan

Coach Moskowitz and Mr. Levy - 203 Othrus

Mr. Byrnes - Puppy Bowl

Coach Jackson - BKLYN's OWN

Mr. Sacco - Sacco Squad

Mr. Carone - Speed Rules

Scoreboard - Week One:

Game 1:

Antonio's Exit Plan (Mr. Swallen) VS. Puppy Bowl (Mr. Byrnes)


(0-1) Swallen- 80.9 (1-0) Byrnes- 113.98

MVP: Puppy Bowl's Davante Adams (30.1 fantasy points)

LVP (least valuable player): Exit Plan's Aaron Rodgers (3.7 fantasy points)

This was a very low scoring game when it comes to fantasy. Mr. Byrnes caught a break when star WR Tee Higgens on Antonio's Exit Plan got injured in the first quarter of his game. Aaron Rodgers did not perform at all for Exit Plan's team either as the team put up only 80.9 fantasy points.

Mr. Byrnes' team didn't perform to as much as they were capable of either, as his team was projected 137.7 fantasy points but only put up 113.98. Either way Puppy Bowl will sleep happy tonight knowing he has started off the season to an easy 1-0.

Game 2:

Speed Rules (Mr. Carone) VS. Sacco Squad (Mr. Sacco)


(0-1) Carone- 139.82 (1-0) Sacco- 154.1

MVP: Sacco Squad's Justin Jefferson (39.4 fantasy points)

LVP: Speed Rules' Allen Robinson II (2.2 fantasy points)

This is a very tough loss for Speed Rules' Mr. Carone. After putting up 139.82 points he had every reason to be angry that he could have beaten anyone in the Week 1 matchup. Even though Mr. Carone started off his season 0-1, there is still some excitement because his team still put up a lot of points.

The Sacco Squad had an excellent week, but behind the scenes, Mr. Sacco was probably very nervous. Coming into Monday night, Speed Rules actually lead Sacco Squad by 34. But, Mr. Sacco still had Russell Wilson, Javonte Williams, and Courtland Sutton (all of them are stars) to go. These three put up over 50 points to give Mr. Sacco the win and a start to a great season. He will head into week 2 with a 1-0 record.

Game 3:

The Tuck Rule Fool (Mr. DeRienzo) VS. NY State of Mind (Ms. Lingenheld)


(0-1) DeRienzo- 133.1 (1-0) Lingenheld- 155.56

MVP: NY State of Mind's Saquon Barkley (33.4 fantasy points)

LVP: The Tuck Rule Fool's Cam Akers (0 fantasy points)

Even though The Tuck Rule Fool did lose, there isn't that much to be upset about. Mr. DeRienzo had Patrick Mahomes and Stefon Diggs, who both got him around 30 points, but because of Cam Akers, this week ended up being a loss. Tuck Rule Fool will have a couple of decisions to make in Week 2, but they start off with a tough 0-1 record

NY State of Mind on the other hand has a lot to celebrate from week 1. Saquon Barkley and Jonathan Taylor lead the charge as they combined for 60 points! Even though Ms. Lingenheld's team did well, there ended up being a huge loss for her team. Dak Prescott, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, is out for 6-8 weeks, and he only gave NY State of Mind 4.46 points. A 1-0 start is good but Ms. Lingenheld will need to find a new QB for the time being.

Game 4:

203 Othrus (Coach Moskowitz and Mr. Levy) VS. BKLYN's OWN (Coach Jackson)


(1-0) Moskowitz and Levy- 183.02 (0-1) Jackson- 100.32

MVP: 203 Othrus' Ja'Marr Chase (28.9 fantasy points)

LVP: BKLYN's OWN Mike Williams (3.0 fantasy points)

BKLYN's OWN didn't stand a chance in this game. Not only did he get 183 points scored against him, but almost half of his players scored less than 10 points. Right now, Coach Jackson is probably pacing back and forth just wondering what it would have been like if he faced any other team. Of course it is only week one, so there is an entire season to go. It is an 0-1 start for Jackson and his team.

It is nothing but a parade wherever team 203 Othrus is. After scoring 183 points, there isn't really much to critique. The only part of this stellar lineup that didnt get more than 10 points is the kicker. Everyone on this team got more than they were projected to get. If this isn't a perfect 1-0 start to the season then it is as close to perfect as it can get. It is safe to say that Mr. Moskowitz and Mr. Levy will be sleeping well tonight.

Game 5:

WIN Time (Mr. Lingenheld) VS. Executive Fumbling (Mr. Newbury)


(0-1) Lingenheld- 95.32 (1-0) Newbury- 115.58

MVP: Executive Fumbling's Josh Allen (31.48 fantasy points)

LVP: WIN Time's Devonta Smith (0 fantasy points)

This was a very low scoring game. WIN Time had only 95 points, and most of those points came from Lamar Jackson and Joe Mixon. The only team that WIN Time would have beaten would have been Mr. Swallen's Antonios Exit Plan. This is the type of week that Mr. Lingenheld will want to forget as he moves onto an 0-1 start.

Even though this wasn't one of the prettiest of weeks for Executive Fumbling, Mr. Newbury still managed to come out with a win. Mr. Newbury's team has 6 players with a score below 10. Luckily, Josh Allen, D'Andre Swift, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire combined for around 80 points. This made Executive fumbling be able to win and start off with a 1-0 record.

Game 6:

Austin 3:16 (Mr. Fischer) VS. The Stanley Kupp (Ms. Thaler)


(0-1) Fischer- 120.46 (1-0) Thaler- 125.96

MVP: Stanley Kupp's Cooper Kupp (31.8 fantasy points)

LVP: Austin 3:16's Irv Smith Jr. (0 fantasy points)

It was a tough week one loss for Austin 3:16 after putting up a solid 120 fantasy points. Coming into the final game on Monday night, Mr. Fischer was down by 14 points and needed Seahawks' WR DK Metcalf to win it for him. Sadly, he put up a poor performance and led Austin 3:16 to a loss as they now stand at 0-1.

What a great win for Ms. Thaler and the Stanley Kupps. Of course, there was a little bit of nail biting at the end of the week, but it still ended up in Ms. Thaler's favor. Cooper Kupp and Justin Herbert helped out a lot as they combined for 55 points! It wasn't a perfect week though because five of The Stanley Kupp's players got less than 10 points. This is nothing to be sad about though because Ms. Thaler started off the season with a 1-0 record.

Updated Standings:

Division- East

  1. The Stanley Kupp (1-0)
  1. NY State of Mind (1-0)
  1. Executive Fumbling (1-0)
  1. WIN Time (0-1)
  1. The Tuck Rule Fool (0-1)
  1. Austin 3:16 (0-1)

Division: West

  1. 203 Othrus (1-0)
  1. Puppy Bowl (1-0)
  1. Sacco Squad (1-0)
  1. BKLYN's OWN (0-1)
  1. Speed Rules (0-1)
  1. Antonio's Exit Plan (0-1)

Stay tuned for next week's round-up with match-ups between:

Stanley Kupp/WIN Time

The Tuck Rule Fool/Austin 3:16

NY State of Mind/Executive Fumbling

203 Orthrus/Speed Rules

Sacco Squad/Antonio's Exit Plan

BKLYN's OWN!/Puppy Bowl

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