Faculty Staff Fantasy Football League (WFSFFL): Week 2
Posted 09/23/2022 01:24PM

Wooster Faculty Staff Fantasy Football League

by: Elliot Rosen


"I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know how to draft, none of these players are good, and I got smoked by Ms. Thaler" - Mr. Lingenheld

New this week: stay tuned until the end of the article to see one of the teachers interviewed!

Last Weeks Standings, heading into Week 2:

Division- East

  1. Ms. Thaler- The Stanley Kupp (1-0)
  1. Ms. Lingenheld- NY State of Mind (1-0)
  1. Mr. Newbury- Executive Fumbling (1-0)
  1. Mr. Lingenheld- WIN Time (0-1)
  1. Mr. DeRienzo- The Tuck Rule Fool (0-1)
  1. Mr. Fischer- Austin 3:16 (0-1)

Division: West

  1. Coach Moskowitz and Mr. Levy- 203 Othrus (1-0)
  1. Mr. Byrnes- Puppy Bowl (1-0)
  1. Mr. Sacco- Sacco Squad (1-0)
  1. Mr. Jackson- BKLYN's OWN (0-1)
  1. Mr. Carone- Speed Rules (0-1)
  1. Mr. Swallen- Antonio's Exit Plan (0-1)

This Week's Scoreboard:

Game 1:

BKLYN's OWN (Mr. Jackson) VS. Puppy Bowl (Mr. Byrnes)


(1-1) Jackson-136.28 (1-1)Byrnes- 121.1

MVP: BKLYN's OWN's Mike Williams (25.3 fantasy points)

LVP: Puppy Bowl's Tom Brady (9.4 fantasy points)

Nobody really did poorly this week for Coach Jackson. The thing is, nobody really did great with the highest scoring player having just 25 fantasy points. This was a team effort for BKLYN's OWN as most players met their projected points or got a little more than that. This was a respectable week for Coach Jackson, beating the Headmaster, and getting the first win of the year and moving to a solid 1-1 record.

This week was a needed win for Mr. Byrnes, but in the end, he came up short. With poor performances from key players such as Tom Brady with 9.4 points and star WR Davante Adams with 9.2 points, it was really tough to get a win this week. The only true reason that Puppy Bowl was close to BKLYN's OWN was because of Jaylen Waddle who had a crazy 40.1 fantasy points. I had a nice chat with Mr. Byrnes about the state of his team and he talked about how he hasn't had a fantasy team in a while and that he doesn't know as much as he used to. He also said that he doesn't have trust in his QB Tom Brady. This is going to be something Mr. Byrnes has to fix because there is still an entire season to go. Puppy Bowl moves to a stressful 1-1.

Game 2:

Sacco Squad (Mr. Sacco) VS. Antonio's Exit Plan (Mr. Swallen)


(2-0) Sacco- 145.96 (0-2) Swallen- 121.06

MVP: Sacco Squad's Amon-Ra St. Brown (39.4 fantasy points)
LVP: Antonio's Exit Plan's James Conner (7.1 fantasy points)

Another high scoring week for Sacco Squad brings the team to another win. This team is very good as they scored 154 points in Week One, and 145 points this week. Amon-Ra St. Brown and Courtland Sutton lead the charge this week both giving very solid performances. Even though this week looked very high scoring, a lot of Mr. Sacco's players sat around 10 points, and only one of the players got over 20. Overall that doesn't matter because Sacco Squad was still awarded the win. His team now moves onto an undefeated 2-0

Another week and another loss for Mr. Swallen and Antonio's Exit Plan. One thing that is good is that Mr. Swallen scored 40 more points than he did the week before. Having your second round or third round pick of James Conner getting just 7.1 points isn't going to cut it. This is a solid week overall but there has to be some changes made before week three to get this team a win. It is an 0-2 start of Antonio's Exit Plan.

Game 3:

203 Othrus (Mr. Levy and Mr. Moskowitz) VS. Speed Rules (Mr. Carone)


(2-0) Levy and Moskowitz- 127.82 (0-2) Carone- 93.36

MVP: 203 Orthrus' Jalen Hurts (33.02 fantasy points)

LVP: Speed Rules' Dalvin Cook (7.6 fantasy points)

This was a solid week for 203 Othrus. One of the only reasons Mr. Levy and Mr. Moskowitz won was because of their opponent. Yes, Jalen Hurts did get 33 points, but that was just about it for the team's performance. It says a lot about your week when your defense scored the second most points. 203 Othrus had to have a decline because they scored 183 points in Week One. Overall, a win is a win and Mr. Moskowitz and Mr. Levy stayed undefeated with a 2-0 record.

Fantasy football doesn't seem to be one of Mr. Carone's strengths as he starts off the season with an 0-2 record. Dalvin Cook was the least valuable player for his team, but there were a lot of other players to choose from. The highest scoring player on Speed Rules was Joe Burrow at 16.56 which is not very good. This was a lost week for Mr. Carone and the best thing right now for him to do is move on to the next one. He starts off the year to a tough 0-2

Game 4:

The Stanley Kupp (Ms. Thaler) VS. WIN Time (Mr. Lingenheld)


(2-0) Thaler- 181.86 (0-2) Lingenheld-124.32

MVP: The Stanley Kupp's Nick Chubb (32.3 fantasy points)

LVP: WIN Time's Albert Okwuegbunam (0 fantasy points)

You can't have a much better week than Ms. Thaler just did. The Stanley Kupps had five players with 20 points or more. When Ms. Thaler emailed me the scores this week, she said "Another week, another win." This shows that Ms. Thaler is very confident in her team. Right now, Stanley Kupp is the best team in the league. Ms. Thaler is going to be put to the test in Week 3 as she faces Ms. Lingenheld's NY State of Mind. Other than that, it's an undefeated 2-0 start for Ms. Thaler.

This week just didn't go Mr. Lingenheld's way. The team put up a decent amount of points, but the matchup was really bad. Even though this waiver claim wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome, there was a very sad story that came out of WIN Time's team this week. The tight end position was a rough patch of Mr. Lingenheld's team in Week One, so he decided to drop Mike Geseki (Week 1 TE), and picked up Albert Okwuegbunam, Broncos TE. Albert ended up getting 0 points, and Mike got 14 points. This is a week that Mr. Lingeheld will have to just move on from, as his record moves to 0-2.

Game 5:

NY State of Mind (Ms. Lingenheld) VS. Executive Fumbling (Mr. Newbury)


(2-0) Lingenheld- 142.28 (1-1) Newbury-114.28

MVP: NY State of Mind's Carson Wentz (27.78 fantasy points)
LVP: Executive Fumbling's Darnell Mooney (0.6 fantasy points)

Another high scoring week for NY State of Mind gives the team its second win of the season. According to Mrs. Thaler in an interview, Ms. Lingenheld is her biggest rival, and if they face each other next week. NY State of Mind showed just how good they can be this week. This team managed to score more than 140 points without much help from Jonathan Taylor and Saquon Barkley (both star RBs). This team is looking very scary, and it doesn't look like they will lose much this year. NY State of Mind pushes onto the next week with a 2-0 record.

This was a lost week for Mr. Newbury and Executive Fumbling. Mr. Newbury went up against a good team, and didn't get much help from his own team. Besides Josh Allen, Executive Fumbling combined for a total of 80 points. It is important to have trust in your team, but when your star TE, Kyle Pitts is having a rough start to the year, it is tough to keep that trust. Luckily, the season has just begun, and Mr. Newbury had already gotten his first win. After this week's loss, Executive Fumbling now sits at a 1-1 record.

Game 6:

The Tuck Rule Fool (Mr. DeRienzo) VS. Austin 3:16 (Mr. Fischer)


(1-1) DeRienzo- 172.4 (0-2) Fischer-145.7

MVP: The Tuck Rule Fool's Stefon Diggs- 44.8
LVP: Austin 3:16's- Trey Lance 2.5

This was a powerful 172 points that was scored by Mr. DeRienzo's team. Not only did Stefon Diggs get 44 points, Tuck Rule Fool's second receiver, Tyreek Hill, got 40 points. It is almost impossible to lose after having two of the receivers on a team combine for more than 80 points. Nobody else on the team got above 15 points, but because of the performances Mr. DeRienzo got from his WRs, not that many points were needed to get 172 points. In the end, The Tuck Rule Fool got their first win of the year making their record 1-1.

This was a very tough loss for Mr. Fischer. Usually when your team puts up 145 points a win is expected, but this week, that did not happen. Other than losing, something really bad happened to Austin 3:16. Trey Lance, the QB for Mr. Fischer's squad, is out for the season due to an ankle injury. This is a very tough blow for Austin 3:16 as they have to now scramble for a new QB, or start their backup if they have one. Something good did happen for Mr. Fischer as Aaron Jones (RB) played very well (32 fantasy points). This wasn't enough to win as Austin 3:16 fell to an 0-2 record.

Updated Standings:

Division- East

  1. Ms. Thaler- The Stanley Kupp (2-0)
  1. Ms. Lingenheld- NY State of Mind (2-0)
  1. Mr. Newbury- Executive Fumbling (1-1)
  1. Mr. DeRienzo- The Tuck Rule Fool (1-1)
  1. Mr. Lingenheld- WIN Time (0-2)
  1. Mr. Fischer- Austin 3:16 (0-2)

Division: West

  1. Coach Moskowitz and Mr. Levy- 203 Othrus (2-0)
  1. Mr. Sacco- Sacco Squad (2-0)
  1. Mr. Jackson- BKLYN's OWN (1-1)
  1. Mr. Byrnes- Puppy Bowl (1-1)
  1. Mr. Carone- Speed Rules (0-2)
  1. Mr. Swallen- Antonio's Exit Plan (0-2)

Interviewing One of the Teachers:

Ms. Thaler- The Stanley Kupp

Q: How are you currently feeling about your team?

A: Fantastic! I think my team is off to a very good start, and I don't feel that they are showing signs of slowing down. I am keeping my eye on the Justin Herbert situation though.

Q: What was your draft strategy coming into this league?

A: To get Cooper Kupp first. I know a lot of people pick a running back first, but Cooper Kupp was so valuable for my team last year. I bought a Cooper Kupp jersey because of that.

Q: Who is your main rival?

A: Hard to know yet for sure. I think Ms. Lingenheld is going to be a tough team in this league, but as the only two females, we cheer each other on (except this week, when we play each other). I think Mr. Fischer will be a tough team in this league, even though he got off to an 0-2 start.

Q: How does it feel to be one of the only good teachers at fantasy football?

A: Fantastic!

Q: If there was a loser punishment for the league what would it be?

A: Might depend on who the loser is, but maybe they should have to write a WINK article about how bad at fantasy football they are. Or write a song and sing it in a chapel about how bad they are in fantasy.

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