NFL Recaps: Week 2
Posted 09/23/2022 01:21PM

NFL Week 2

by: Gus Aspillaga

Each week I will be doing a recap of the most important things that happened over the past week. This will be done for each week of the NFL season. There will be a recap of 3-5 different games or significant things or trends that happened over the past week.

NFL Fight

In the Saints vs. Buccaneers game, there was an all out brawl that started. It started with Marshon Lattimore and Mike Evans, when Evans shoved Marshon Lattimore. This isn't the first time this has happened, as a few years ago they got into a fight which was started by Evans blindside shoving Lattimore. In the end, Mike Evans ended up getting ejected from the game along with having a one game suspension. Since Lattimore was the one who got shoved, he didn't end up getting a suspension.


The Dolphins came back from down 21 points to the Ravens going into the 4th quarter. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens were playing very well but once the 4th quarter started the tides turned and Tua was able to hit his targets and both Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill were able to make plays and help the Dolphins come back.

The Jets came back from 14 points with 2 minutes left to the Browns. Nick Chubb, after the 2 minute drill, scored a touchdown rather than falling on the floor to burn the clock. Along with that they also missed the extra point. After the Jets scored a touchdown they went for an onside kick and recovered and were able to score again to take the lead.

The Cardinals came back from down 20-0 after halftime. They were able to score two touchdowns along with two 2-point conversions to tie the game and bring it to overtime and in overtime the Raiders fumbled the ball twice and on the second time the Cardinals recovered and took it back for a touchdown.

Monday Night Football

On MNF there were two separate games that were played. There was the Titans vs. the Bills, and there was the Viking vs. the Eagles. Both of the games were blowouts. The Bills won by 34 points and the Eagles won by 17 points.

Offensive Player of the week (QB)

Tua Tagovailoa

In a comeback win against the Ravens, Tua threw for 469 total yards, 36 completions, and threw six touchdowns. He did have heavy help from Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill although he did have a 127.9 passer rating. Tua did make history as he became the 2nd Dolphins QB to throw for 450 yards in a game; he and Dan Marino are the only two Dolphins players to achieve the feat, with Marino achieving it four times. He also tied both Marino and Bob Greece in scoring 6 passing touchdowns.

Runners Up:

Lamar Jackson

In the loss Lamar Jackson threw for 318 yards having 21 completions along with three touchdowns. Even though that is impressive, what is really impressive is that he rushed for 119 yards on 9 carries and had a 79-yards carry for the touchdown.

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts in the Monday Night Football win had a great week. He threw for 333 yards with 26 completions with one touchdown. To tack onto that, he rushed for 57 yards on 11 carries having two touchdowns.

Offensive Player of the Week (non-QB)

Tyreek Hill

I know you're probably saying this is biased to put the two best offensive players from your favorite team but the non-QB Player of the Week is Tyreek Hill. He had 11 catches with only two total drops, 190 yards receiving, averaging 17.3 yards per catch and two touchdowns in the field. This game was Hill's 4th time having 10 receptions, 150 receiving yards and 2 receiving touchdowns. Along with that he tied Jerry Rice in having four such games, and with him being only 28, he has a long time to break the record.

Runners Up:

Stefon Diggs

In the blowout win against the Titans, Josh Allen's main target was Stefon Diggs. He was targeted on 14 occasions and was able to catch 12 of them. He also scored 3 times in the game.

Jaylen Waddle

On 11 receptions Waddle had 171 receiving yards and two touchdowns. He averaged 15.5 yards per catch. He and Hill made for an amazing pairing and if one wasn't open the other most likely would be. In total of Tua's 50 passes, 32 of them were towards the two speedsters.

Defensive player of the Week

Darius Slay

Darius Slay against the Vikings was able to get two picks. Along with that he had four pass breakups. In the win against the Vikings, Slay was carrying the Eagles defense.

Runners Up:

Isaiah Simmons

In the comeback win Simmons, carried the Cardinals' defense. He had 2 tackles but he forced a fumble. In overtime the Raiders had the ball and the Cardinals forced a fumble and who, but Isiah Simmons, picked up the ball and took it in to win the game.

Aidan Hutchenson

In the win against the Commanders, Hutchenson went insane. He had three sacks on Carson Wentz and looked like the #2 picked edge rusher we thought he would be. He topped the stat leaderboard with those three sacks.

Teams that did good/bad


Dolphins, Ravens, Jaguars, Eagles, and the Bills


The Dolphins, along with their big three, had an amazing game in an amazing comeback. Tua threw for 469 yards and 6 touchdowns. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle had a combined 22 catches along with 361 yards.


Even though they lost, the Ravens had an amazing week. Lamar threw for 318 yards along with 3 touchdowns and 21 completions. He also on nince rushing attempts had 119 yards and a 79 yard rushing touchdown.


The Jaguars absolutely destroyed the Colts. They controlled the game the entire time. In the shutout match they looked really strong all around.


In all ways, the Eagles looked good. Their defense was looking good and they were able to take out the Vikings in a 24-7 win.


If the Bills keep playing the way they have been over these past two weeks they could be looking REALLY scary. They absolutely destroyed the Titans. They beat them 41-7 and it looked like there was no way they could be stopped.


Browns, Bengals, Raiders, Vikings, Titans, and the Colts


The Browns had the win in their hands and Nick Chubb threw it away as he went into the end zone with very little clock left. All he needed to do was fall on the floor and let the clock run but instead he was selfish and decided to go in for the touchdown thinking there was no way they could come back.


The reason the Bengals are here is for the fact that they played against the Cowboys' backup QB and lost. Yes it was a close game, but with Dak not even playing, the AFC champions from last year should be better.


The Raiders blew a 20 point lead in the 4th quarter. They were in a good position to win but then they blew it.


After that first week showing against the Packers, they should've done better. Justin Jefferson didn't have as good a showing as he did in Week 1 but in that game he was unguardable.


The Titans had to go up against a tough opponent. The Bills are one of, if not the best, team in the NFL. Along with that Malik Willis didn't have that good of a rookie performance.


The Colts haven't been up to the best start this year as they started by tying the Texans and now they lost to the Jaguars.

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