Introducing Marley Asselta, Wooster's New Athletic Trainer
Posted 09/23/2022 01:24PM

Introducing Marley Asselta, Wooster's New Athletic Trainer

by: Michael Guillcatanda

This week I had the opportunity to meet and interview our new Athletic Trainer at Wooster. Marley Asselta, or Ms. Marley as she likes to be called, joined Wooster this year after the departure of Mr. Hutchinson. I conversed with Ms. Marley, welcomed her here at Wooster, and asked questions regarding her background.

Before arriving at Wooster

Given the chance to interview Ms. Marley, I also had the pleasure of getting to know her. Ms. Marley started off her career as an Athletic Trainer, graduating from Central Connecticut State University in the year 2000 where she studied to become an Athletic trainer. During her time there Ms. Marley also joined the track team in 1998. When I asked why Ms. Marley pursued her career as an Athletic Trainer she answered, "I got into athletic training because I was passionate about sports medicine and I like the combination of athletics and medicine, therefore I got into sports medicine." The combination of sports and medicine played an important role in her career path as this helped her decide to be an Athletic Trainer.


Now, where did Ms. Marley come from? Ms. Marley worked at New Fairfield High School where she was the athletic trainer for sports. During her transition, I asked her how does a public school compare to a private school? The first thing Ms. Marley had in mind was the variety of sports Wooster has to offer is much more than New Fairfield High School. The change of schedule and being here in the day as she has the more available time for her. Ms. Marley has worked as an athletic trainer for 21 years working in Connecticut, Maine, and Colorado.

What was it like settling at Wooster?

"Settling at Wooster has been a huge change for me because going from public school to a private school is pretty different, especially being more connected to the kids, staff, and teachers. It's been comfortable, and a new experience to meet new people."

Do you have any goals for the rest of the year and the future at Wooster?

"Simply just to keep athletes as healthy as possible and create pretty good relationships with the kids and coaches. Keeping a good report and making people feel comfortable to come in here and get everyone back in the field. Most importantly, to prevent injuries."

What is your highlight of Wooster this year?

"One of the highlights this year for me would be meeting all of the staff and students. Adjusting and experiencing this new community is the highlight of Wooster this year for me."

Very thankful to Ms. Marley for being open about her experience at Wooster and giving me the time to interview her. If you have any questions or concerns about a certain injury Ms. Marley is located next to the fitness room.

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