Faculty Staff Fantasy Football League (WFSFFL): The Grand Finale
Posted 01/13/2023 01:49PM

Wooster Faculty/Staff Fantasy Football League (WFSFFL)

The Grand Finale

by: Elliot Rosen

The last time we talked, it was the end of the regular season. Since then, we have come all the way to the very end where the winner has been decided. In this article you will find out who won the WFSFFL 2022 league.

Playoffs Round 1 (Quarterfinals) :

Game 1:

#5 The Injured Kupp (Ms. Thaler) VS. #4 WIN Time (Mr. Lingenheld)


Thaler- 91.62 Lingenheld- 133.22

MVP: WIN Time's Derrick Henry (26.3 fantasy points)
LVP: The Injured Kupp's Mark Andrews (6.1 fantasy points)

Ms. Thaler has been knocked out of the playoffs. This year The Injured Kupp has been through a lot of ups and downs and it is unfortunate that the season ended on a down. At the beginning of the season, Ms. Thaler was one of if not the best team in the league with an undefeated record. One event changed the course of her season for good, and that was when Cooper Kupp got injured. That's right, Ms. Thaler's first round pick got injured for the remainder of the season and she still ended up with an 8-6 record. If I were Ms. Thaler, I would be happy that this season ended better than it could have been and I would be excited for next year. The Injured Kupp has made its last appearance this year but they will be back!

Mr. Lingenheld moves on! After starting off the season with a rocky start, Mr. Lingenheld turned his team around and has moved on in the playoffs. This week, the team scored a solid 133.22 fantasy points with Derrick Henry leading the charge. Only 2 players on the team scored less than 10 points and one of them was Tyler Huntley, QB for the Ravens. As long as WIN Time gets a solid QB in their lineup, this team has a chance at going far. The #4 seed has moved onto round 2 and will face Mr. Fischer and his squad with a chance to move onto the championship.

Game 2:

#6 NY State of Mind (Ms. Lingenheld) VS. #3 Speed Rules (Mr. Carone)


Lingenheld- 126.52 Carone- 140.6

MVP: NY State of Mind's Jonathan Taylor (2.3 fantasy points)

LVP: Speed Rules' Dalvin Cook (27.0 fantasy point)

This is a tough way for Ms. Lingenheld to go out. Not only did she put up a solid 126 fantasy points, but her first round draft pick yet again disappointed the team. Jonathan Taylor deserved this week's LVP and maybe the entire league's LVP for this year. Taylor put up only 2.3 fantasy points in the most important game of the season so far. This team was considered one of the best in the league at the beginning of the year and now they lost in the first round of the playoffs. Ms. Lingenheld was knocked out with a sour taste in her mouth and I would not be surprised if she wants revenge for next year.

This was a huge win for Mr. Carone. He secured the win with a great performance by the team. Speed Rules put up 140.6 fantasy points in Round 1 of the playoffs. With 27 points, Dalvin Cook earned this matchup's MVP. Dalvin has had a quiet year by his standards so far, but he seems to be turning it around as he had a great week this week. Joe Burrow and Travis Kelce both put up 20 point performances helping lead the team to victory. So far it looks as though Mr. Carone will be a problem in these future rounds and he sure does have a chance to win the chip. He moves onto round 2 of the playoffs as he will face the intimidating 203 Orthrus.

Playoffs Round 2 (Semifinals)

Game 1:

#4 WIN Time (Mr. Lingenheld) VS. #1 Austin 3:16 (Mr. Fischer)


Lingenheld- 125.56 Fischer- 129.96

MVP: Austin 3:16's Austin Ekeler (23.9 fantasy points)

LVP: WIN Time's Derek Carr (6.36 fantasy points)

This was a really tough way for Mr. Lingenheld to be eliminated from the playoffs. Putting up 125 fantasy points is solid, but to only lose by 4 points must hurt. Derek Carr deserved this week's LVP because he yet again had a bad performance. Carr put up 6 fantasy points, and if only he got what he was projected, this outcome would have been very different. This season started off poorly for Mr. Lingenheld and it was a surprise that he made the playoffs and even won a game. WIN Time proved that they can be a good team and Mr. Lingenheld will be preparing all year until next season's draft. Mr. Lingenheld shouldn't be mad that it ended, he should be happy that it happened. His season ends in round 2 of the playoffs.

Mr. Fischer just barely escaped an upset to the #4 seed in the playoffs. Even though the team didn't play exceptionally well, the players got the job done as they put up a total of 129.96 fantasy points. Austin Ekeler once again had a great game as he put up 23.9 fantasy points. Ekeler has had an amazing season as he continues to show that he is the best fantasy running back in the league. Patrick Mahomes also had a very solid performance as he had 23.76 fantasy points to help bring the team to the chip. Mr. Fischer has one 9 straight games and has shown no sign of stopping as he cruises on to the finals.

Game 2:

#3 Speed Rules (Mr. Carone) VS. #2 203 Orthrus (Mr. Moskowitz and Mr. Levy)


Carone- 116.5 Moskowitz and Levy- 90.78

MVP: Speed Rules' Joe Burrow (23.5 fantasy points)
LVP: 203 Orthrus' Zach Wilson (1.78 fantasy points)

This was obviously a huge win for Mr. Carone. Even though his team only put up 116.5 points, he still won by over 20. Joe Burrow has been very good for Speed Rules this year and he continued this by putting up 23.5 points and winning this matchup's LVP. No other players on the team did as well as Joe Burrow did, but all that mattered was that 7 of the 10 starters scored more than 10 points. That gives your chance to win a boost when the majority of your team had a decent game. There are some arguments that Mr. Caron got lucky this week, and that he would not do well in the finals, but a win is a win. Speed Rules would like to bring this momentum into next week as it is the most important game of the season. The Championship.

This was a very disappointing loss for Mr. Moskowitz and Mr. Levy. The team put up a sad 90.78 fantasy points. It wasn't as if the managers of 203 Orthrus made a bad decision, but the players just did not perform well. Zonovan Knight, Mike Evans, and DeAndre Hopkins all performed horribly as none of them broke 6 fantasy points. The most disappointing player on the team was surprisingly not any of these players as QB Zach Wilson had just 1.78 fantasy points. All of these bad games led 203 Orthrus to a bad loss in the playoffs. Mr. Moskowitz and Mr. Levy will need to rethink their strategy going into next year as they are kicked out in round 2 of the playoffs.

Round 3 (Championship!)

#3 Speed Rules (Mr. Carone) VS. #1 Austin 3:16 (Mr. Fischer)


Carone- 110.9 Fischer- 125.72

MVP: Austin 3:16's Austin Ekeler (32.1 fantasy points)

LVP: Speed Rules' Dalvin Cook (6.4 fantasy points)

This game has a lot of controversy surrounding it. As most of us know, there was an incident in the Bills VS Bengals game, and the NFL decided that they were going to cancel the game. This affected this championship game in a major way...

Coming into Monday night, Mr. Carone was down 87.9-125.72. Mr. Carone had three players left, Joe Burrow, Gabe Davis, and Tyler Bass. These players had the chance to combine for more than 40 points and give Mr. Carone the win, but because of the cancellation, this messed ESPN fantasy up. After the game was canceled, ESPN decided to give the projected amount of points that the players were going to get in the game to Speed Rules. Because of this, Mr. Carone fell short of the prize giving Mr. Fischer the win. In my opinion, I think that both Mr. Carone and Mr. Fischer should receive first place although it seems as though the league has come to a conclusion that Mr. Fischer won.

If it were up to you, what would you do?


It was a pleasure writing WINK articles for the WFSFFL this year and I am excited to see what is in store for next year!

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