Wooster Archives: Athletic Facilities Blueprints
Posted 01/20/2023 03:00PM

Wooster Archives: Athletic Facilities Blueprints

by: Ioanna Aspras & Sophia Cilento

After looking at the many models of the maps, we thought we'd look deeper into the additions of our buildings. To do this, we spoke with Mr. Fischer who helped us riffle through the many, many blueprints. While we barely even scratched the surface of looking through blueprints, we were most drawn to the prints of the Forever Young Gym.

The addition was added in 2001. It included the downstairs gym and the stairs/trophy case that goes up to the Alumni Gym. They also closed off the black box. Originally, the Black Box opened up into the Alumni Gym, and the stage we sit on to watch games now, was the theater stage (which you can see by looking at the photo labeled "Alumni demolition plan"). The wall was closed up due to the acoustics being echoey in the gym. If you go into the gym and look at the wall, you can see where the wall was sealed up.

Something that shocked us both was that every aspect of adding onto this building has its own section and there were a million pages that looked almost identical but included very minor, but important changes. For example, the makeup of the support beams had its own separate section of the blueprints, as well as lighting, the plumbing, the windows, and even where the dogwood trees would be planted! All of these sections would include diagrams of how the part would be assembled and what it should look like either as it was growing or how it would look in the gyms.

We also learned about the different things that need to be monitored when building. One of these things that needed to be considered was the septic system down by the gym. It is located by the windmill right near the parking spaces. And because of its location, this had an impact on where we could insert our new Alice and Fernando Fernades turf field.

Above: Title Page

Above: Alumni floor plan

Above: Pre-FYG proposal

Above: Trees + other outdoor additions

Above: More detailed pre-FYG proposal

Above: Detailed downstairs Layout

Above: Downstairs layout + small gym

Above: Exterior + first floor (AT hallway) demo plan

Above: Alumni (upstairs) demo plan

Above: First floor plan

Upstairs + roof(?) of FYG

Above: FYG ceiling plan

Above: Exterior of whole building

Above: FYG floor (lines/paint)

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