Owen Michalowski, '25 - Posted 12/02/2022 02:51PM
Owen tells us what he was like to watch the U.S. not qualify for the World Cup last time around, and now his excitement over their performance this year.
Cole Breen, '22 - Posted 04/29/2022 01:52PM
In his final WiNK article, and after 11 trimesters of journalism, Cole, who has been here since 9th grade, reflects on the value of community.
Max Porter, '22 - Posted 04/29/2022 01:51PM
Max joined WiNK first trimester of his freshman year, and has been in the class ever since. As WiNK readers, we all know and appreciate his voice and contributions over the past four years. Now here he is with his final WiNK article, in which he shares his journey.
Bella Brown, '22 - Posted 04/29/2022 01:51PM
Seniors were asked to give "Chapel Talks" to underclassmen over the past two weeks, as a way to share their insight and experiences before they leave. Bella shares her Chapel Talk with WiNK as well.
Isabel Allo, '22 - Posted 04/29/2022 01:51PM
In her final reflection for WiNK, Isabel, who has been in the class since she was a sophomore, shares her thoughts on her experience.
Cole Breen, '22 - Posted 04/22/2022 01:38PM
Cole tells us more about our newest Supreme Court Justice, Kentanji Brown Jackson and what her appointment means for the future of the Supreme Court.
Max Porter, '22 - Posted 04/08/2022 02:05PM
In a follow-up to the Academy Awards saga and the Will Smith slap, Max shares his thoughts on comedy and how much of a right people have to make a joke.
Cole Breen, '22 - Posted 04/08/2022 02:05PM
Cole explains more about why Russia and President Putin have invaded Ukraine, and gives his thoughts on the situation.
Evie Zahner, '22 - Posted 03/11/2022 11:37AM
Evie shares her thoughts and opinions on whether or not there is a double standard for men and women to be super fans.
Evie Zahner, '22 - Posted 03/04/2022 03:32PM
Last week, Evie told us about the concussion crisis in the NFL and this week, she focuses on the domestic violence crisis that exists in the league.
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