Theater Update: Mr. Wolfson Helps Actors With Accents
Posted 02/28/2020 01:13PM

Tonight is Opening Night for the winter musical, The Secret Garden. In this particular show, the actors needed to learn new accents. Mr. Wolfson has been kind enough to work with the actors and actresses on a subject he is well informed on - different accents from around the world. The play takes place in England, therefore the two main accents that are being taught are the Yorkshire accent of northern England and the classic British accent. The difference between these two accents may seem subtle to us, but to the people born and raised in England, they are completely different.

Mr. Wolfson was asked several questions about the experience. When asked why he wanted to take time to teach this, he responded with, "I'm obsessed with imitating accents, so I thought teaching this skill to students would be a really fun time. I've done this kind of dialect work with a few other plays in the past. I'm a huge language nerd, so... a play where every single character requires a special accent? I couldn't wait to volunteer myself to help the cast!" Mr. Wolfson also explained how he came to be so knowledgeable about the differences in accents. "I'm a bit of a freak: I actually find articles written by linguistic researchers, painstakingly memorize each vowel and consonant of the accent, and watch lots of videos of native speakers. Eventually, it becomes second nature. It takes a long time, but there are no 8p0-shortcuts when it comes to learning accents."

Mr. Wolfson has always been a big theater fan. "I landed my first role in a play when I was 16 years old, and I've sporadically been involved with shows ever since." From the time he was a kid, he knew he loved being a part of that community in any way he was able.

The Wooster theater productions are very lucky to have Mr. Wolfson's expertise and passion on and off set. Don't forget to go support the play this weekend!

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