Not Quite A WiNK Quiz: Katherine, Kate, or Hannah Breen?
Posted 06/03/2022 01:05PM

By: Zoe Hurwitz, '24; & Morgan Boxer, '24


This week, as we worked on our final WiNK quiz of the year, the service we were using that created the quizzes told us we were out of free quizzes and that we would have to start paying for them. Since that's not happening, as WiNK doesn't really have a budget, but because we had already gathered the info from our quiz subjects - the three Breens on campus - we decided to share it as an article. You can read more to find out who you have the most in common with.

At Wooster School, we currently have three students on campus with the last name Breen. Kate, Hannah, and Katherine Breen (Cole, '22, is on his SIS). We asked these three Breens different types of questions to see how similar they are to one another. Katherine describes herself as enthusiastic, funny, and charismatic. Kate Breen is outgoing, nice, and caring. Hannah Breen is outgoing, nice, and caring.

We asked Katherine, Kate and Hannah different questions about their personality, Wooster life, and favorite activities.

We learned that their favorite Wooster sports include volleyball, soccer, and lacrosse. Something that they have in common is that their favorite Wooster field is the turf. We asked them questions like what are you most excited about in summer? All of their responses had to do with hanging out with friends either at a beach or at home.

Katherine Breen is a Junior at Wooster. She played varsity lacrosse and basketball at Wooster. We asked her what her favorite trimester of this year was, and her answer was: the Fall. Katherine likes Wooster for the community and friends.

Hannah Breen is also a Junior at Wooster this year, but not related to Katherine. She plays varsity volleyball in the fall and dances outside of school. We asked Hannah what her favorite job area she has had this year, and her response was: the gym!

Kate Breen is twins with Hannah Breen and is a junior. Kate plays soccer, lacrosse, and basketball at Wooster. We asked Kate what her favorite class she has taken this year, she responded with: U.S History. Kates's favorite spot to hang out during her free time is in an Adirondack chair or if it's cold she likes to hang out in the student commons.

Which one are you most like?

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