Interview With Wooster Middle Schooler/Sesame Street Actor Corey
Posted 01/20/2023 02:59PM

Interview With Wooster Middle Schooler/Sesame Street Actor Corey

by: Anica DIaz

Recently, a member of our Wooster School community has started a wonderful new occupation. Corey, a sixth grader who's been at Wooster for two years, has joined the cast of Sesame Street! This week at WiNK, I've decided to interview Corey about this new and exciting experience.

For those who might not know you yet, would you like to share a fun fact about yourself?

I really like the color green.

What was the process of auditioning for Sesame Street like and how did it come about?

The first time I tried auditioning, I didn't get the role. But then, I tried auditioning for Elmo's World, and the producer was the same for Sesame Street. She referred me to Sesame Street and I started working from there.

Have you done any acting before Sesame Street?

I've done a couple of commercials in the past. I also do print modeling sometimes.

Have you begun working with Sesame Street yet?

I've been in two episodes so far. Actually, on Thursday, my next episode will be released! For right now, it's my last episode, unless I'm asked to come back again.

If so, what is the set like?

The set is so cool. Basically, my mom had to stay in this room while watching us get ready on a TV. They had lots of snacks there, it was nice. After we did hair, makeup, and clothing, it would be time to go on! I had already memorized all of my lines, but they were always really understanding if any of us made a mistake. After all of our scenes, they would always clap for us and congratulate us, saying things like "Yay, Corey!"

Do you have any future projects in the works?

I don't really know yet. I usually do a lot of print, though.

How do you balance being a working actor and a student?

That's something I've definitely been working on. I usually end up taking lots of auditions, and normally they give us around a two-day span to finish them. I do all of my work in study hall or during my free time, and then I do my auditions.

It seems like Corey has a lot of exciting things in store for him in the future! To catch some of Corey's episodes of Sesame Street, be sure to look for them on HBO Max under season 53, Episode 1. If you see Corey around, be sure to congratulate him on a job well done!

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