How The NBA Could Be A Better League
Posted 01/20/2023 02:57PM

How can the NBA be a better league?

by: Gus Aspillaga

I'm going to be talking about a few things that I think would make the NBA a better league. Now obviously.

Teams and conferences

The first thing I would change is that I would move both the Pelicans and the Grizzlies. I would do this because both New Orleans and Memphis are in the East. Since this would mess up the conferences I would add two expansion teams. Add back the Seattle Supersonics and add a team in Las Vegas. Seattle has been wanting to get back their team for a long time and also it would bring back a lot of fans who left. With Vegas, the sports scene would be a great place for a new team, as the Raiders just moved there so it would be good to add another sports team. This would bring the league up to 32 teams and 16 teams in each conference.

Carry / fouls / travels

The league has had a huge spike in points. Since the 80's-90's there has been less travel and carry calls and more foul calls. On almost every play you see at least one carry or travel. A big person in this is Ja Morant... He always is carrying and it leads to defenders thinking he can dribble for him just to blow by them. This leads to more points being scored in a game and it being less genuine. With a spike in free throws it has also contributed to the spike and with more travel and carry calls and less foul calls it would make the game more interesting and even though there's less points the league is more genuine.

Play in tournament and draft lottery

The play in the tournament isn't good; anyway, the playoff bracket is going to be the same eight teams on each side. It doesn't make sense to have the 7 and 8 seeds fight for their spot. It would make sense if it was like the NFL. It is the same thing for the lottery. It would be better if the worst team in the league was guaranteed their pick rather than getting a chance for it.

Super teams / player officiating

It is annoying to have players building teams and teams having all-star starting 5's like the Heat, Warriors, or Nets. It's annoying to have these teams dominate the league and making it not interesting knowing who is going to win each year. A way to change this would be to enforce a smaller salary cap. This would give worse teams a better chance of a championship and make the league more interesting to see small market teams doing better. Since the 2000's the salary has slowly gone up and up as the years have gone by. All of the teams are negative in salary cap beside 4 teams the Spurs ($27,000,000), Pacers ($24,000,000), Grizzlies ($700,000), Pistons ($600,000).

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