Dear Wooster Community,

Every day, every week, every year at Wooster School we try to get a little bit better. Getting better for a small, independent, day school means learning more about how people learn and creating programs to leverage that knowledge. It means making our learning environment a little bit more engaging, and our community just a bit more cohesive and supportive. It means hiring the right people and making sure that they are taken care of too. Sometimes we are improving parts of the physical environment, sometimes deepening and enriching programs, while other times we are simply doing more to make Wooster accessible to as many local families as possible.

Doing all of these things requires that we continue to be responsible stewards of the school's finances, and forward-thinking about the future of schools in general. Did I mention that we do all of this while still coming together everyday as a great school for our students? It's the best kind of work.

The safe, exciting, and transformational environment that you've come to know here, and within which we are lucky to work every day, is captured by our Wooster School Purpose, Promise, and Beliefs and made possible by the generosity of the parents, alumni, and friends who support us through our Annual Appeal and Gala every year. As a tuition-paying father of three current Wooster students and a Wooster alumnus now at college, I am intimately familiar with how difficult it can be to manage expenses while still giving to those institutions that you love and want to support.

As such, I can't thank you enough for making it possible for Wooster School to keep getting better every year through your generous giving. From the mundane (more parking this year!) to the transformational (more digital video for students, better science spaces) to the sublime (students spending more time in nature) we always use our Annual Appeal dollars to move from strength to strength. Every dollar you have given has been carefully directed toward the improvement of our school and to the betterment of our students. Thank you, thank you, thank you - we can't say it enough.

Now let's do even better this year!

Matt Byrnes
Head of School

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