Why Give


Salaries and Benefits 74.0%
Curriculum, Student Programs, Professional Development, and Technology 6.6%
Food Service 3.9%
Summer Programs 2.4%
Maintenance 5.3%
General Institutional 7.8%


Tuition 85.2%
Fees 2.3%
Annual Appeal 5.1%
Summer Programs 2.7%
Endowment 0.9%
Other 3.9%

What is the “gap”?

Nearly every independent school, private college, and university faces a shortfall between tuition and the actual cost of educating a student. This deficit, referred to as the "gap" can be relieved by unrestricted gifts made to the Annual Appeal. In 2017-2018, Wooster School's gap was 5.1% or equaled $1,326 per student. In comparison to the Fairfield and Westchester County independent schools*, their median gap resides at 6.0% of the budget, and accounts for $2,015 per student. *2016-2017 data

Why give?

Beyond helping Wooster School meet its immediate financial needs, participation in the Annual Appeal demonstrates one’s pride and confidence in a Wooster School education. The strength of the Annual Appeal is based on the school’s commitment to an education of purpose and core values. We rely on ongoing support from all members of the Wooster community.

"I was not a good student but John Verdery took a chance on me and"changed my life. Certainly it was not John alone; the academic and athletic faculty, my fellow students and the culture of Wooster School all contributed, but my life changed, and from then on I knew I could do things that were not so clearly possible before Wooster. Looking back, even from only days after graduating Wooster, it has always been impossible for me not to invest in Wooster taking chances on students and changing their lives. If I have enabled even one I will have been successful. Thanks, Wooster!” - Al Bonney '62, 30+ consecutive years of giving

"Wooster gave me a great education. And at least as importantly, I found a true community: a sense of belonging, and a sense of responsibility to others. I want others to have the same opportunities." - Alex Carter '78, 25+ years of consecutive giving

"What distinguishes Wooster from other independent schools is the way in which each student is celebrated for their individuality. Whether there's an interest in science, math, literature, drama, music, or any other discipline, Wooster provides their students with exceptional resources to nurture their interests and talents. My children participate in the Applied Music Program, and I was most impressed by how they were matched with instructors whose teaching styles were best suited for the different ways that my children learn. We are thankful to be a part of this extraordinary community, and it's why we support the Wooster School." - Jillian Elliott, Parent '26, '29

"Last year when I returned and broke my knee, the entire Wooster community stepped up to make sure that I was cared for. Living far away from my family has not always been easy, however I have realized in the past years that I am not far away from all who care about me. I proudly support Wooster because when I needed family, Wooster was there for me." - Sarah Lucic, Upper School Mathematics Teacher

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