Dear Wooster Community,

Thank you for getting it. What else can I say? If you are reading this note, and gave to Wooster School during the 2017-18 Annual Appeal, you get it. You understand that being small and independent are two of the elements that make Wooster School so special. You also understand maintaining excellent teacher-student ratios and being a pioneering learning institution aren't cheap. Leveraging our flexibility as a learning community and daily opportunities for authentic connections between teacher and student come at a cost, one that is additional to the tuition that we all pay. Because you understand that, and have doubled down on the sacrifice that you are already making to have your children here, we can strive to be our best selves as a school everyday. Whether we are sending teachers and students to a writing event at Teachers' College that is directly connected to the learning that they have been doing here at Wooster, adding another mobile, interactive display system to a learning space, or upgrading our middle school technology and making program, your donations have made that difference. Things got better around here because of your generosity. It's that simple. Now let's do it again this year!

Matt Byrnes
Head of School

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