Reading and Resources


Bigger Picture

The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr
The Attention Merchants, by Tim Wu
Team Human, by Douglas Rushkoff

Attention, the Brain, and the Implications of a Digital Culture

Reader, Come Home, by Maryanne Wolfe
The Distracted Mind, by Gazzaley and Rosen
Digital Minimalism, by Cal Newport
Irresistible, by Adam Alter

How to Develop Healthy, Productive Habits

Deep Work, by Cal Newport
Eat Move Sleep, by Tom Rath
Reclaiming Conversation, by Sherry Turkle
Lead Yourself First, by Michael S. Erwin

Podcasts and Shorter Readings

Single-tasking, Deep Work, and Navigating the Age of Information Overload

Note to Self: Spring Cleaning for the Mind (17m)
It’s the Information Age. We’re all overloaded. How do we deal with the constant stream of information inundating day us every day?

Hidden Brain: You 2.0 - The Value of Deep Work in an Age of Distraction (36.5m)
What is deep work, and what are its benefits and costs?

TED, Russell Foster: Why Do We Need Sleep (22m)
What are our attitudes towards sleep, and how does it affect our brains?

Medium: What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep (6m)

NYT: How to Actually, Truly Focus on What You’re Doing (7m)
Distraction. Shallow v. deep work. The power of concentration.

Medium: While Everyone is Distracted on Social Media, Successful People Double Down on an Underrated Skill (18m)

Illustrated summary of Deep Work (6m)
On YouTube, there is a mini-community that produces illustrated summaries of books. They are quick and excellent in priming the core ideas. Warning: These can sometimes get a little questionable with language use, as they are designed to be conversational in nature.

Technology, Social Media, and Big Data

Hidden Brain: Buying Attention (38m)
Attention is a monetizable resource, and your life is the sum of how you use it. How are you spending it?

Hidden Brain: Schadenfacebook (27m)
How are we using social media, and what effect is it having on us?

TED, Jennifer Goldbeck: What Can Companies Predict from Your Digital Trail? (10m)
What’s left behind (and being mined by companies) when you’re plugged in?

TED: How a Handful of Tech. Companies Control Billions of Minds Every Day (21m)
How are companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook shaping the way we think?

Verge Science: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets in Your Voice (5m)
What does your voice reveal about you?

TED Radio Hour: Screen Time, Part 1 (60m)

TED Radio Hour: Screen Time, Part 2 (60m)

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