Alumni Spotlights

See where a Wooster Alum is today!

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Bob Epstein '63, establishes Robert L. Epstein Endowed Professorship at University of Massachusetts at Amherst Isenberg School of Management.

Krista Willet '75
Debi (Andersen) Rieflin '79

"Attending Wooster is a very unique privilege. The tenets upon which Reverend Aaron Coburn founded it, remain true and well-intentioned. You are learning the value of being "gentle, generous, truthful, kind, and brave.”

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Zach Crowley '99

"Those little moments on the sports fields or in the student center or just walking the grounds with friends and classmates; there's very much a feeling of home about the campus that doesn't seem to shake even as the years go on."

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Jacqueline Maisonpierre '05

"I attribute Wooster with so much of who I am. The sense of community that Wooster instilled in me has been the foundation for the life I have been privileged in choosing to live."

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Kai Aronson '16

"At Wooster, I had many good, kind, helpful teachers who helped me when I struggled. Overall Wooster offered a solid education that prepared me for the workload at college."

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Grace Galie '08

"Follow your passions - you never know where they may lead you!"

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Leslie Matos '09
Alexander Goodman '01

"Embrace the longer school days :) - Wooster is helping you to build your resume with extracurricular activities, leadership, and more so that, in part, you'll have a more competitive edge at the schools you are applying to.

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Rick Fernandes '76 and Rachel Jordan '04

"I have often told people that my four years at Wooster made me who I am today. I learned so much from the teachers and others I was exposed to. The learning didn’t just happen in the classroom; it happened on the fields and in the hallways also."

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"I think the most fundamental value I learned at Wooster was something so simple as to sound cliche, but so powerful - to respect others. Treating all individuals with respect, and teaching that value to children, was and is baked into Wooster’s ethos."

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George Mao '14

"I think one of the biggest impacts that Wooster had on me was the self-help program. Self-help really developed my self-sufficiency and leadership skills."

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Claire Gladstone '85

"Work hard, play hard, be kind, be respectful and try to learn. The world is a big place, you're getting ready to enter it soon..... enjoy the ride!"

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Glenn Dunn '76

"Cherish your time at Wooster, embrace the many challenges and know that Wooster will be with you the rest of your lives."

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Emilee Coladarci '15

"It may seem like you're in a nice little bubble at Wooster. You're protected from a lot, which is nice. However, there is a whole world outside to explore, so be excited for what lays ahead."

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