Hours for Others

A lot of the Social Impact and Equity and Justice work has been behind the scenes this year. Please watch the video and read the blurbs from the Social Impact Executive Cabinet to learn more about how we have been preparing to create social impact in the years to come.

Jaya Singhal '21

  • At Wooster since 6th grade (7 years)
  • From Ridgefield CT
  • Social Impact Prefect and Social Impact Cabinet Leader
  • I was first drawn to Social Impact at Wooster because I was a Girl Scout looking to involve the Wooster community in my Girl Scout Gold Award. After participating in a Wooster Social Impact trip to Nepal, and stepping up as a leader there, I wanted to help provide opportunities for more Wooster students to get involved to make a difference. As the Social Impact Prefect, I want to spark excitement around service learning to eliminate any obligatory feelings stemmed from traditional community service. This is possible by fostering Student-Led-Initiates, Hours For Others, Equity and Justice education, and curriculum integration/assured experiences. In addition, our partnerships between local nonprofits and schools both in Connecticut and around the world, support students in putting their passions into action. I am very excited to hold this leadership position to encourage all students to become leaders by creating Social Impact!

Isha Patel '21

  • At Wooster since 9th grade (4 years)
  • From Danbury, CT
  • Social Impact Education Proctor
  • Social impact has been a large part of my life and upbringing. When I came to Wooster, I was able to continue impacting my school and the local community through the Center for Social Impact at school. As the Social Impact Proctor this year, I will be in charge of social impact education to inspire student involvement within the community and help them find their passion. Through social impact workshops created alongside faculty members this year, I hope to show the importance of community involvement and how enjoyable it can be! Whether you need help finding the perfect opportunity for you or want to get involved with EJC and social impact, feel free to contact me!

Jillian Schnaudigel '21

  • At Wooster since 9th grade (4 years)
  • From Brewster, NY
  • Equity and Inclusion Prefect, and Education connection
  • I have been a part of social impact since 9th grade and it was always an important part of my Wooster experience. But, this year has been full of so many exciting changes. I may be biased when I say the transformation of the Equity and Justice Center has been my favorite. Combining the EJC and Social Impact allows for intentional and meaningful connection between social justice education and community partnership. This collaboration allows us Generals to put action to the knowledge we are learning together! Every service opportunity we take part in is purposeful, informed, and ethical which is really important to me and everyone involved in Social Impact.

Darby Drahzal '21

  • At Wooster since 1st grade (12 years)
  • From Bethel, CT
  • Advertising
  • I have been at Wooster since first grade, and had an eye-opening experience after a service trip to Cuba with other Wooster students the summer leading into my junior year. Since this trip, I have been more drawn to the amazing events that take place in my community, which inspired me to make a difference in hopes of creating more events like these to open others’ eyes. Since then, I have been part of Wooster’s Social Impact program and have been able to work behind the scenes of what inspired me in the first place. Through this program, I have been able to combine my interest in marketing with my passion for helping others by being in charge of advertising by creating fliers for campus-wide events as well as overseeing our social media platform. I am excited to experiment with this role this year and look forward to seeing the positive impact of putting our Equity and Inclusion and Social Impact programs together.

Max Porter '22

  • At Wooster since 7th grade (5 years)
  • From Brookfield, CT
  • Student-Led Initiatives/ Social Impact Prefect ‘22
  • Ever since I’ve been at Wooster, I have had community service project ideas that I knew could help so many people. But the problem was, I didn’t know where to go for help on how to run them. Since being in Social Impact since 9th grade, I have developed the skills and knowledge to know how to do these very tasks. This year, as the Student-Led Initiatives Ambassador, I am now that person to come to for any questions, help, and support on how to exercise a project run by any student/student group at Wooster. Being able to head this role gives me comfort as I know that Social Impact ideas of Wooster community members will be able flourish with our help. My email address is max.porter@woosternet.org so please reach out; I am always a resource for guidance on your Social Impact project proposals.

Raymond Consiglio '22

  • At Wooster since 7th grade (5 years)
  • New fairfield CT
  • Advertising
  • I have been at Wooster since seventh grade, and I was immediately drawn to the community leadership I saw happening in the Upper School. At the beginning of my 9th grade year, I was drawn to the Catwalk for a Cure Club which focuses on raising money for the Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center, and that was the start of my involvement in the community. The following year,I was recognized as one of the leaders of the club. Ever since I started to create fundraisers and community building activities, I knew I wanted to branch out and get involved in more. I wanted to become a part of Social Impact because I love creating opportunities and fueling students' ability to give back to our community. A big part of getting students involved is making their messages known to the community. I make that possible by creating flyers and bringing awareness to it on social media.

Reid Etzbach '22

  • At Wooster since 9th grade (3 years)
  • Wilton, CT
  • Student Led Initiatives/Community Partnerships
  • Joining the Wooster community in 9th grade was an amazing experience. It opened my eyes to what a community can do and how positive relationships between people can influence the way we act and treat one another. I have had an interest in Social Impact because of the aspect of community, but also because of the opportunities you get to help others. I have partnered with organizations outside of the Wooster community which is always encouraged. I’ve built houses in Appalachia on mission trips and I teach soccer in local communities to students who have not had the same access to sports as I have. These are the things I am passionate about, and everyone in the Wooster community has unique interests. That is why we like to push for students to try and make a change in an area they are passionate about! That is what the student led initiatives are all about. My role along with Max Porter is to help guide you, so you can bring your social impact ideas to life. I am looking forward to working with any student who has an idea they wish to share, with making a difference as their mindset, so we can continue to grow and make positive change in our community. My email address is reid.etzbach@woosternet.org, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
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