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Interview with Katie Bachler, Visiting Artist (and Wooster Alum)
Posted 05/12/2017 03:05PM

This Tuesday, May 9, we welcomed former Wooster Student and artist, Katie Bachler, and listened to her talk about her career as an artist. Her art has been focused around social activism and engaging different people to discuss the impact that art can have on the world. During her presentation, she talked about some of the things she had done as an artist, such as forming a dance troupe called "Body City", going around different places in Los Angeles and trying to start conversations with people and spread stories. In addition, she would create maps of the places she went and try to depict all of her memories and all of the history of the places she went. Both her love of art and her love of feminism led her to create the Women's Center for Creative Work (WCCW), a non-profit organization that empowers women through art. Intrigued by her presentation and her work, I was curious to know more so I interviewed her about her career as an artist.

  1. What would you consider art? Do you think there is a real definition to art?

Ms. Bachler: Art is anything you call "art" and anything done with care and attention and creativity. It depends on each person in the universe. There has to be an idea behind it, no matter what idea is behind it.

Mrs. Carlson: But it has to be intentional.

Ms. Bachler: Yeah, it has to be intentional.

  1. Why do you think art can be so powerful and make such a difference?

Ms. Bachler: Because art presents new worlds and situations that you haven't encountered before. It's something that people haven't seen before and it can make you think in a different way. It forces you to be in a different world completely. Everything can be art and everyone can be artists.

  1. Where do you gain your inspiration from?

Ms. Bachler: Anywhere in nature where it's quiet usually helps. Also, random encounters, just on the street when I can start a conversation with someone, something like that can just help me generate a new idea. The reason we're humans is that we want to cooperate and we can develop connections.

  1. Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Ms. Bachler: Just stay true to you. Stay true to your vision. If you have a vision, keep at it, because it is your own vision and it's unique. Keep believing in yourself. You can try to create programs or organizations and just keep trying to stay true to yourself.

  1. What is the hardest part of your job?

Ms. Bachler: Balancing between work and play. Managing my time between work and life.

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