Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I make a gift to Wooster School?

Wooster School offers friends, families, faculty, and alumni several opportunities to give throughout the year and every gift supports teaching and learning. Donors may make gifts to the Annual Appeal, participate in the Annual Parents' Association Gala and Auction, or play golf in our spring tournament. Where you give is up to you, Wooster will help make sure your gift does the work you want it to!

Which is more important to support – the Annual Appeal or the Gala?

The answer is – both! The Annual Appeal and the Wooster School Parents' Association Gala and Auction (as well as the Wooster School Golf Classic) are all designed to give donors multiple opportunities to enrich teaching and learning at Wooster. From supporting faculty professional development to funding financial assistance, your gifts do great work not matter where you decide to make them.

Can I restrict my gift to Wooster’s Annual Appeal?

Typically, gifts to the Annual Appeal are unrestricted. This allows Wooster to use a gift right away and in meaningful ways by funding initiatives and needs we know we have. Restricted gifts must be approved by the Head of School. Many times, a donor's desire will match to something already underway. Working with the Head of School, donors can be sure their gift will have the impact they desire while meeting appropriate budgetary needs.

What is the Annual Appeal?

The Annual Appeal is our most critical fundraising effort, providing immediate and sustained support to Wooster School’s operational budget. The campaign represents 5.8% of the budget Funds received during this drive accomplish several goals:

  • Update and expand our academic offerings across all school divisions
  • Continue to develop and deliver a robust teacher professional learning program
  • Provide competitive salaries and benefits to retain faculty and attract new talent
  • Keep tuition at a competitive, affordable level for as many students as possible
  • Embrace new opportunities as they present themself

Every gift, no matter what size, has an immediate impact. Every student, every teacher, every program benefits!

Who gives to Wooster?

Parents, Trustees, alumni and alumni families, grandparents, friends, and faculty all support Wooster School through gifts to the Annual Appeal and participation in our family of special events. In fact, 100% of Wooster's faculty and staff support the Annual Appeal because they know how important it is to the work they do, and none of them take that for granted.

How much should I give to the Annual Appeal?

Gifts to the Annual Appeal range from $1 to $100,000. How much you give is entirely up to you. The important thing is that you give because every gift matters, every year. Wooster depends on gifts to the Annual Appeal to meet our yearly budget commitments.

Many corporations offer matching gift programs will match employee contributions to Wooster School. To see if your company will match your gift and for instructions on how to facilitate your match, visit our online search engine here.

When should I make a gift?

The sooner you make your gift, the sooner Wooster can put it to work in a classroom. However, there are two deadlines donors should consider when making an Annual Appeal gift. The first is the end of the calendar year. Gifts made by December 31 will count towards that particular year's allowable IRS deduction. Gifts made on or before June 30 of every year will count toward that particular fiscal year.

During the year, Wooster recognizes the contributions of our donors through receptions and other events.

How do I make a gift?

Cash, check, stock, wire transfer, over the phone, in the mail, in person, or online at any time! If you would like to make a gift of stock or wire transfer, instructions are available here. Or, you may call the Office of Advancement at 203-830-3910 for information on how to make your gift.

Who do I call if I have a question about my gift?

Lisa Lucente, Assistant Director of Advancement, at 203-830-3910

How can I support Wooster through a special event?

Donors can underwrite, or sponsor, the cost associated with producing the event; purchase tickets, tables, or teams and attend the event; or participate in the various raffles, auctions, and games associated with each event. Wooster's special events are a great opportunity to make in-kind donations to Wooster. For more information about ways to support an event, please contact the event chairperson or contact the Office of Advancement for more information.

What is the difference between giving to the Annual Appeal and giving at the Gala or Golf Outing?

Every gift matters, every year and gifts to the Annual Appeal or a Wooster event support teaching and learning campus wide. The only difference between gifts to the Annual Appeal or an event lies in its tax deductibility.

Gifts to the Annual Appeal are 100% tax deductible and 100% of your gift goes to work as soon as you make it. Gifts to Wooster's special events may not be 100% tax deductible and are typically received at the conclusion of the events each spring and after event related expenses are paid. The Paddle Raise at the Annual Parents' Association Gala is 100% tax deductible and is a wonderful way to support programs at Wooster.

Which events can I attend?

Wooster holds its annual fundraising event: The Wooster Parents' Association Gala.

From time to time, Wooster friends and families will offer to host fundraising events for Wooster. The events have included dinners, movie screenings, and wine tastings. Third party fundraising events must be approved by the Head of School. Third party events should not include product sales, service endorsements, or other promotions. If you would like more information or to host an event or fundraiser, please contact the Office of Advancement at 203-830-3910.

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